Data Engineer with Big Data Experience

Data Engineer with Big Data Experience jobs in Richmond VA

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     Data Engineer with Big Data Experience
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     Richmond, VA
  • Minimum Experience

     5+ Years
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    We are looking for Data Engineer with Big Data Experience. Develop sustainable data driven solutions with current new gen data technologies to meet the needs of our organization and business customers.

  • Desired Profile

    • Required 8 years of experience with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
    • Required 5 years of experience working on a big data platform.
    • Required 3 years of experience working with unstructured datasets.
    • Required 3 years of experience developing microservices: Python, Java, or Scala.
    • Required 1 year of experience building data pipelines, CICD pipelines, and fit for purpose data stores.
    • Required 1 year of experience in cloud technologies: AWS, Docker, Ansible, or Terraform.
    • Required 1 year of Agile experience.
    • Required 1 year of experience with a streaming data platform including Apache Kafka and Spark.
    • 5+ years of data modeling and data engineering skills.
    • 3+ years of microservices architecture & RESTful web service frameworks.
    • 3+ years of experience with JSON, Parquet, or Avro formats.
    • 2+ years of creating data quality dashboards establishing data standards.
    • 2+ years experience in RDS, NOSQL or Graph Databases.
    • 2+ years of experience working with AWS platforms, services, and component technologies, including S3, RDS and Amazon EMR.
  • Responsibilities

    • Apply domain driven design practices to build out data applications. Experience in building out conceptual and logical models.
    • Build out data consumption views and provisioning self-service reporting needs via demonstrated dimensional modeling skills.
    • Measuring data quality and making improvements to data standards, helping application teams to publish data in the correct format so it becomes easy for downstream consumption.
    • Big Data applications using Open Source frameworks like Apache Spark, Scala and Kafka on AWS and Cloud based data warehousing services such as Snowflake.
    • Build pipelines to enable features to be provisioned for machine learning models.
    • Familiar with data science model building concepts as well as consuming and from data lake.
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