Embedded Firmware Engineer

Embedded Firmware Engineer Jobs in Redmond WA

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     Embedded Firmware Engineer
  • Location

     Redmond, WA
  • Minimum Experience

     15+ Years
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    DOE / Per Hour
  • Description

    • BS, MS or PhD in EE required and/or 15+ years of relevant experience.
    • Hands-on experience in design, development and launch of high-volume consumer electronic product is a must.
    • Strong knowledge of Operating Systems principle. Demonstrable programming skills in C and C++.
    • Experience and understanding of firmware design tools (IAR is a plus) and languages.
    • Understanding of basic testing, coding, and debugging procedures.
    • Experience with of standard protocols such as USB, I2C, MIPI, and/or wireless technologies (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or other).
    • Strong problem solving and debugging skills for multi-processor systems with I2C/SPI, USB and other interconnect bus.
  • Responsibilities

    • Demonstrated ownership of multiple sub-systems and/or a complete simple product (Simple = Mouse or iPod shuffle) and/or experience launching multiple moderately complex to complex consumer electronic products: Moderately Complex = Smart TV/DVD Complex = smart phone/Xbox.
    • Demonstrated system engineering ownership of a moderately complex to complex product - Moderately Complex = Smart TV/DVD, Complex = smart phone/Xbox and/or Hands-on experience launching multiple complex consumer electronic products - Complex = Smart Phone/Xbox.