Senior DevOps Engineer

Senior DevOps Engineer jobs in Baltimore MD

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     Senior DevOps Engineer
  • Location

     Baltimore, MD
  • Minimum Experience

     9+ Years
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  • Description

    We are hiring for the position of Senior DevOps Engineer with minimum 9 years of experience in Baltimore, MD.

  • Desired Profile

    • DevOps tasks, build & deployments, environment configuration, WebSphere profiles setup, Deployment Automation/process improvement, technical documentation, working with Linux/AWS and any working on any ad-hoc requests
    • Ability to create Application server profiles, configure clusters, troubleshoot application server issues
    • Perform application server deployments and troubleshoot in case of issues
    • Handle COTS support requests pertaining to Subversion/Jira/Jfrog etc
    • Perform, support, debug and automate Database deployments along with hands-on experience with the manual process
    • Knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL.
    • Automates building & management of environments (e.g., development, test, production, operation)
    • Enables automation to create, manage and audit (through automation tools) system releases
    • Utilizes version control for proper branching/merging strategies and fixing any merge conflicts. Periodically reviews branch strategies and makes sure that current industry practices are implemented to enable collaboration and automation.
    • Maintains all release documentation, records and standard operating procedures
    • Creates and recommends baselines and changes
    • Possesses a thorough knowledge of DevOps principles, practices, and procedures
    • Automates software builds and deployments with the goal to provide better service to the stakeholders
    • Develops software packaging and installation scripts using docker & Ansible
    • Understands various types of testing of software to enables continuous feedback loops in the pipelines using automated testing
    • Participates in continuous process improvements and automation
    • Minimum Requirements
    • Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Visio, with a working knowledge of the rest of the Microsoft Office suite of applications
    • Working knowledge of JIRA and Confluence
    • Application server administration (Websphere/Weblogic)
    • Deeper working knowledge of DevOps tools, Linux, AWS, Maven/Gradle, Jenkins, JFrog Artifactory, SONAR or similar code scanning tools, Subversion, Fortify or similar security scan tools, Bash scripting, MS Office tools, J2EE, and RDBMS concepts
    • Working knowledge of Perl, Ant/Maven/Gradle, shell scripts, Java, and Make files
  • Responsibilities

    • Functions as an individual contributor and works under minimal supervision of a team lead
    • Follows associated DevOps procedures and uses DevOps tools for large software-development information-system projects to assist the DevOps team lead.
    • Works with project DevOps Lead to assist with development, training, and maintenance of DevOps processes, tools and best practices
    • Works on pipeline as code, infrastructure as code and configuration as code and enforces best practices
    • Develops work instructions relating to source control management tools like SVN, Git, GitHub etc. based on the current and future project needs
    • Develops best practices related to software builds, revision management, and release processes in collaboration with the team members and inputs from the team lead/manager
    • Works with cross-functional teams to promote DevOps practices and assists with parallel development
    • Supervises and monitors the work of Junior DevOps Engineers
    • Manages scripts and sets up and maintains CICD pipeline and automates the deployments. Code reviews the junior DevOps Engineers’ work
    • Understand, Practise and troubleshoot RDBMS concepts
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