System Admin with MCSE Certification

System Admin with MCSE Certification jobs in Harrisburg PA

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     System Admin with MCSE Certification
  • Location

     Harrisburg, PA
  • Minimum Experience

     3 Years
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  • Description

    • Solid technical background in a client/server environment including infrastructure networks, hardware, software and telecommunications
    • Good knowledge of security as it relates to network and server infrastructure
    • Experience using automated monitoring tools
    • Ability to identify incident trends in order to elevate incidents in accordance with standard protocols
    • Able to gather relevant information systematically to troubleshoot and resolve issues
    • Ability to analyze network packet captures
    • Experience with distributed web application hosting
    • Experience with Microsoft clustering technologies
    • Experience with multi domain Active Directory forests
    • Ability to work in a team environment
    • Good analytical, problem solving and decision making skills
    • Good attention to detail, testing and documentation
    • Knowledge of ITIL and industry best practices
    • Strong virtualization experience using VMWare vSphere
    • Ability to maintain good working relationships with third party service providers and vendors
    • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Desired Profile

    • Minimum of a Bachelors degree in computer science or related field or equivalent as well as a minimum of 3 years
    • experience or Associates degree in computer science or related field and 4 years experience.
    • Certifications: MCSE required.
    • Specific knowledge required in the following areas:
    • Microsoft Server Operating Systems, MS IIS, VMware vSphere
    • In-depth knowledge of PC operations, printer operations, file server operations, print server operations, and network operations.
    • Strong knowledge of Windows and Windows products, personal computer software set up and installation, PC connectivity products and PC hardware connectivity.
    • Strong knowledge of enterprise architecture technologies including load balancing, DNS and certificates
    • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Visio)
    • Demonstrated ability to establish and meet work schedules within limited time frames and under tight deadlines and a willingness to work off hours as the need arises in support of changes to the LANs and WANs.
  • Responsibilities

    • Maintain and monitor all network, security and computer systems to meet the organization's current and future requirements
    • Responsible for management, maintenance and architecture of storage, virtualized environment, servers, network devices, and productivity tools
    • Monitor systems and identify performance issues proactively
    • Work within strict time frames and elevate incidents within defined timeframes
    • Test all changes to networks, hardware, software, and hosted applications
    • Deploy application code through development lifecycle in coordination with development teams
    • Monitors service delivery compliance to budget, quality standards and customer and business stakeholder requirements
    • Cater to doing infrastructure coordination related to design and setup activities at different stages of a project
    • Work with various vendors and service providers to ensure productive environment
    • Resolve issues and prepare status reviews and reports
    • Professionally represent the infrastructure team as a technical consultant on projects.
    • Maintain the necessary project plans and documentation of all system builds and modifications
    • Interact and coordinate with vendors, suppliers, distributors and contract consultants
    • Maintain a good working knowledge of current infrastructure and future trends
    • Maintain good working relationships with all service providers and vendor to ensure that services received meet expected requirements of contract
    • Determines server sizing and configuration, printer configuration, bandwidth analysis and capacity planning.
    • Assists in the development of configuration standards.
    • Installs/configures servers and server software/drivers.
    • Monitors the availability of updates/upgrades to all server hardware, tests and installs updates/upgrades.
    • Performs Network Management functions using various management and monitoring tools available including sophisticated network management systems.
    • Develops procedures and scripts for Service Desk.
    • Employs Remedy software to report calls and call clearance and change management activities
    • Places service calls for servers and network equipment.
    • Work with PENNDOT partners and employees including IT coordinators in deployment activities.
    • Attend meetings with PENNDOT developers, users, and partners.
    • Proactively plans for business continuity and disaster avoidance.
    • Creates/updates disaster recovery plans.
    • Participates in disaster recovery drills.
    • Provide all required information to assure a complete and accurate equipment inventory.
    • Unpack/pack computer equipment.